Solar Water Pumping Systems

Solar Water Pumping Systems :

These systems are designed with suitable solar modules, controller, Pump and proper earthing system to protect the whole system and fulfil the desired need of the customer.

➢ Village water supply
➢ Irrigation systems for farmers
➢ Domestic/commercial/industrial usage
➢ Both surface and submersible pumps

Solar Lighting

Solar water pumping


• Galvanized iron mounting structure for long life (120 micron)
• Optional auto or manual tracking for higher yield*
• Advanced safety features including dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage and lightning.
• Wide operating temperature range of 0-50oC
• Wind sustaining capacity < 180kmph


• No dependence on electric grid power or expensive diesel
• Wide range of solutions: surface, open well, drip, sprinkler & others
• Standard warranty of 2 year, extended warranty available


• Wide range of pumps available from 0.5 to 10hp
• Available with AC/DC/surface/submersible options
• PV array ranging from 500 to 9000wp
• Long Life rugged pump controller
• Other pumping systems available on request